This costume was made in 2013 for the final of the Eurocosplay Championship as Swiss representative. It is a reproduction of one of the Queen Amidala’s costume from the film « Star Wars episode I the Phantom Menace » directed by George Lucas (1999)

The main challenges in this one were to get the silhouette and the texture of the top ‘coat’ fabric much alike it is in the film.

The dress is supported by bustle attached on the low back, having layers of petticoat on the sides to create the desired silhouette. The dress is made of silks. The ‘coat’ part is made out of several meters of a black novelty knit gathered with elastic threads. The golden symbols are appliqués and a long piece is covered with rocaille beads and pearls.

The headdress uses real ostrich feathers fixed on a large barrette, attached to the hair under the veil. The gold and red pieces on each sides are PVC eggshells customized and attached to the veil.

The small chain on the forehead is made in collaboration with a jewel maker.